What does a good website design look like?

Excellent website design is a process to coordinate elements such as pictures, colors, fonts, composition, layout, and so on. Excellent website design does not have a fixed standard, but it is not easy to achieve high consistency in the aesthetic of a web site. So what exactly is a good website design?1. There is a focusThe pictures in the website design must have their own obvious focus. Creating a conflict in a picture will create its focus. Opening a web site must make someone notice a picture and instantly understand the message it conveys. The use of contrastive conflict should be the most effective way of manufacturing focus.The following is the focus of the manufacturing methods: simple to complex, clear and vague, straight and curved, fine coarse, rough smooth, reflective matte, smooth - sticky, blunt, sharp - Big - small, long - short and narrow - width, expanding - shrinkage, deep shallow and so on.2. No boundaryMany times designers will be trapped in a framework. This should be a misunderstanding in the early layout. Sometimes these out of frame, make the page without borders will be more beautiful. A text without boundary, a picture without boundary, and so on, is very personality. In the early days you have to be ready to abandon the framework, and only then your mind will not be set in a framework.3. Keep the proportionExcellent website design must not be disorganized. Even though some websites do not seem to follow the fixed proportion, their location and size will conform to a certain visual proportion, which makes people look very comfortable. The most interesting thing in design is that there is never a standard answer. A masterpiece, even known as a master, is waiting for someone to break through it. Maybe we should give up the "breakthrough" of this competitive thinking expression, and we should say that different people should play different styles.

The misunderstandings that can't be avoided in the website design!

Website design often makes mistakes when designing a web page. The reason lies in the focus on more invalid function, such as the pursuit of a cool button effect, character font, although these are also an important element in web design, but the design must have a direction, that is all designed to be user based good habits. This article talks about the common misunderstandings of designers in web design.1, do not open the new browser window.It sounds like a stupid design, but there are some designers doing it. Your website is not your master, but to make the user a master. Let the user decide how to open the link, otherwise the big back button on the browser is not necessary. Don't worry about users leaving your website, and they'll come back when necessary.2, non - necessary circumstances do not allow users to register.The purpose of browsing web pages is of course to get information. If it is not necessary to register, why do you want to design such a link? Ineffective design or less do better. The practice of a web site that allows users to register information in such a way is to shut down immediately. I'd rather go to other websites to find information than to waste time on a web site. So do not force users to register and leave email and other information in a non - necessary case.3. Do not let the superfluous sign interfere with the user's eyesA lot of large - size social media signs are placed on many websites that make your website look very unprofessional. Even the medals and honors should be placed on the "we" page. The superfluous picture not only interferes with the user's browsing, but also has a certain impact on the SEO.4. Simple and direct display of informationMany web designers like to hide information in other pages, such as the common "click - in" pages. This is a design that makes time users do not want to click and give up directly. The fewer the steps the user can access to the content, the better.

Mobile website design must have good details.

Website design, many companies have their own websites, but with the increasing popularity of smart phones and the rapid growth of market share, mobile website promotion has become an essential part of product promotion. Most enterprises have their own PC websites, but the share of mobile phones is increasing. Smart phones have become the most important platform for mobile enterprise promotion, highlighting their numerous promotional benefits, and mobile website has become an inevitable trend of market development. Now many mobile phone developers are also using the mobile phone as the focus of the development of the current development, for the construction of a very convenient condition for the mobile site. Therefore, in order to expand more channels of development, enterprises have begun to build mobile websites, but to defeat many competitors, we need to start with more details in mobile website construction.First, consider the behavior and habits of user browsingMobile phone users are accustomed to touch the sliding phone screen to browse the website, so when we develop cell phone website, we must make the mobile website conform to users' habits. For example, mobile phone website to facilitate the users to return home, to automatically save incomplete information, provide automatic search function, block level a tags, to ensure that users can click on a large area and so on some of the details, to provide a variety of convenient operation from the maximum extent for the user, this kind of love will by the user's mobile phone website.Two. The structure of the mobile phone website should be clear and simpleThe mobile network allows users to live more fragmented, due to the increasing number of mobile phone users, users demand is most wanted, the most valuable information in the shortest time, so we recommend that mobile phone website should have a clear structure, and suggested that the tree structure is flat, tree structure is generally divided into three levels: home vs. list page vs. details page, each page must point to the superiors, subordinates and related content links. In addition, we should put the most important content of the website in the eye-catching position, because these contents are the most behavioral summoning, so that users will be more easily recognized by users.Three. The independent display of the mobile website's advertisementBecause the mobile phone website is different from the PC side website, the display area of the mobile phone screen is very limited. Therefore, when developing the mobile website, we should try to separate the advertisement from the content page of the website, so that the advertisement can be displayed independently, so as not to affect the display of webpage navigation.Four, reduce the access threshold of mobile phone websiteThere are a lot of mobile phone users need to access the website is registered, it is easy to cause resentment of the user psychology, so the development of mobile phone station to avoid site access to users, such as mobile phone applications, allows the user to access the identity of visitors, and reduce user consumption in mobile phone on the site for the user steps. To provide more personalized service.

What are the problems that the website design must pay attention to?

Website design, in the era of high-speed Internet development, traditional enterprises want to adapt to the development of the times. We must embrace the Internet through website design, and develop online marketing channels. Therefore, the purpose of the website design is to achieve the purpose of e-business through the website to carry out the online marketing. Website production should also highlight the personality, pay attention to the comprehensive feelings of visitors, making it stand out in a large number of websites. How can we take a favorable position in this huge competitive market and have to pay special attention to the design of the web site?One, can not light yourself to like, to the customer group design for the enterpriseThe goal of enterprise website design should be clear, not just how a few leaders inside the enterprise like how to do it. In fact, the enterprise should consider, do this website is to attract what kind of customer group, the purpose of the website design is why? Before the website design, these problems need to be considered clearly. Later, in webpage design stage, it is good to convey to webpage designers. Web designers will design websites suitable for potential customers according to the goals they want to show.Two. Can let the customer find the enterprise in the search engineThere is a part of enterprise leadership, very love cool website, it can be said that the entire site is almost all used to do JS. In fact, we don't recommend this way, because search engines don't like such websites, so it's hard to get information, which is not good for search engine optimization. The enterprise should also take into account the website optimization when making the website, and do the basic work for the later site optimization.Three, the website should be convenient for the enterprise to update its own later informationA website is not updated, for potential customers to browse the bad impression, think the enterprise is not closed, not what the new information, and thus the loss of potential customers; on the other hand, the website does not often update the information of the enterprise website ranking is very good, the search engine will determine the site is the zombie site, so as not to update or drop right. Constantly update the enterprise website information, to promote the role of the enterprise, and can also better attract potential customers to browse the website.Four, the speed of opening the website should be guaranteedWhen everything is ready to save, the server becomes the last key. The speed of the opening of the website is the most important topic in our business. The bottom of server configuration is on the one hand; on the other hand, there will also be problems inside the website. For example, uploaded pictures and videos or some JS effects are relatively large, which are not processed and compressed, which will affect the speed of website opening. Most browsers don't like to open a web site for a long time. This is a point that companies must pay attention to when the site is done online.Internet publicity is an indispensable platform for the development of the enterprise, and it has also led the development of the network industry. 

Why do enterprises have to website design at present?

Today, website design plays an important role for any business, the construction site can enhance the image of an enterprise, the enterprise website function is equivalent to the enterprise through a variety of ways to do publicity, it is the enterprise's own brand show, relatively speaking, the enterprise through the website to get more customers to understand yourself, site capacity is relatively large, the enterprise can take any hope to be able to understand the customer on the website, and this kind of investment is much lower than other advertising, publicity effect is much better. This is also the reason why the current construction enterprises have to site.First, the Internet has all of the text, picture, color, film, three degrees space, virtual reality and other media advertising function through which you can let customers easily see the company introduction, product description, service mode, contact address and can add sound, picture, animation and image information to achieve the real emotion so as to set up good corporate image.Second, the customer market and every corner of the world whatever you need, you will find the online customer may come from all over the world. There is a northern dehydrated vegetable products after the Internet has received several foreign customers to order. The "international" company overnight.Third, to provide real-time business information, catalogs, advertising and marketing attributes. Many companies in order to update the advertising attribute and catalogue the need to spend a lot of manpower and materials and printing fee once on the web not only come out immediately began to play a more and more utility can be updated at any time, it saves time and effort to save manpower and cost of printing large.Fourth, advertising and marketing of low cost compared with other advertising media on the Internet can cost very low compared to the printed catalogue and the cost of television advertising and Internet advertising micro insignificant in every corner of the area can be extended all over the world.Fifth, reduce the business cost of pre-sales, customer service service "traditional" pre-sale and customer service staff to answer the phone service "is the way human error may cause delays and opportunities. On the web can be provided by carefully designed" frequent questions "and" commercial considerations "and" guide "and other information for customers can on your computer or print fast and convenient storage.Sixth, it can integrate advertising marketing and ordering to facilitate purchase intention. Online purchase orders can be designed, so that customers can choose printed printed orders to fill in, send back or send online directly, and provide customers with faster and more direct purchase channels.Seventh, can provide advertising and services around the clock without increasing expenses. The maintenance and operation of web service by the network company responsible for the automatic dealing with information, statistics, archive without increasing the enterprise itself or operating personnel cost professional design and computer software for 24 hours.Eighth, do not conflict with other traditional commercial media or reduce waste. Business on the Internet can also meet the special needs of those who want to pay attention to privacy, do not want to go door to door, purchase, old or disabled, and increase business opportunities.