What are the main items included in the website design service?

Website design, in the current network high-speed operation and development of the era, now basically all things need to rely on the network, whether it is individual or enterprise, can not be separated from the website. Website has become an indispensable part of our life. Many website design companies, in order to attract more customers, provide customer building services from a single side to many aspects, and more is to package a dragon style service model to meet the needs of all aspects of the customer. So what are the main web site design services?First, website planning is the beginning of website design.Customers can find products and services, so why do visitors need to go online? Obviously, users want to find products and services beyond expectations. The problem of the planning of the website design service is to start from the visitor's cognition, the visitor's trust, and the transformation of the visitor's transaction. He asks the planner to have rich marketing knowledge, website content planning knowledge, consumer psychology and other comprehensive qualities, in order to create a high quality website. What is planning in the end? It is the idea and idea of website production that can not be duplicated and unique.Two, the domain name and server purchase of the website and its ICP filing.How to choose the domain name in the website design service? How to buy a server? It may also be a problem for enterprises who do not know website design. For example, use a Chinese domain name, such as the purchase of a 50G super large space server, however, we will tell you that the Chinese domain name is not suitable for promotion, in fact, your space is not so large. We will have more actual operation of enterprises and choose high-quality and inexpensive domain names and servers. For the website archival filing, this kind of matter is handed over to us to handle it free of charge for you.Three. A systematic and perfect website design projectIf there are no special requirements in the website design service, our website design is a backstage, two website users, and the mobile site PC website; in special cases, such as the response website, there is no mobile terminal. If the enterprise has special needs, such as the need to consider the optimization of the website, then you can do a MIP website design to your website, so that the site can be better included.Four, post website maintenance and promotion guidance and consultationWebsite design service website maintenance refers to the website company's after-sales service to the enterprise website, such as web site exception, website bug processing, website security reinforcement and so on. At the same time, for the network promotion such as SEM and SEO, such as problems or difficult to solve, our company can also provide you with free technical guidance and support to help enterprises to make better marketing results.

After the official website design how should I maintain it?

Website design, enterprise design official website is easy, but really can let users remember, really bring benefits to enterprises, but not many customers. Most of the websites are in common with the sand grains in the sea. They soon sink to the bottom of the sea and find no trace. However, the environment is so, the enterprise is not aware of what kind of official website to build better, and how to maintain the official website after the construction is better, is now a lot of business problems. Then how can we maintain official websites and bring benefits to enterprises? The following small editor will come to the detailed analysis and analysis.After the official website design, the content of the website needs to be updated in time to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information. The continuous updating of the information can attract visitors to visit the website many times. Old articles, news and other information should also be saved in the form of archives, so as to facilitate users to inquire. The content of the website changes at the same time to ensure the accuracy of the content of the information, in addition to the special text content to the outside, also to the web pages, pictures, page titles and so on to check, all of which need the management of e-commerce websites. All kinds of websites, including e-commerce sites, are countless. Then, how do they manage to manage their websites? How do they cope with a large number of daily updates and a large number of page styles? At the same time, it also puts forward various ways of website construction and management. Generally speaking, there are several official website construction management and maintenance modes.1. completely handmade. Early management and maintenance of e-commerce websites adopt this mode, that is, copy and paste methods to update content. The characteristic is that workload is directly proportional to content, link is fixed, but it is difficult to change.2. semi automatic. The work process is exactly the same as that of the manual method, but the template technology is used to perform part copy and paste work with the program, and the content is generally stored in the file format. We can see that there are templates in FrontPage and Dreamweaver.This function helps users set a good background color, a series of fonts and CSS settings, and one of the most important functions is to help users complete the classification of the document and the association up and down, and to automatically generate the corresponding links on the final web page. In this way, users can simply drop in articles, the format of links and articles and the overall mode will be exactly the same.If you change the template, the entire website will change to the corresponding template style. This way, uploading the generated page files to the Web server can change the entire site quickly. This official website construction and management mode is very convenient to operate, but there are the following problems:(1) only one or more three people can manage website content.(2) almost all uploads need to be transmitted all the time.(3) using existing templates can be very convenient, but it is difficult to expand a variety of templates.(4) the number of web pages within the website is not too much.(5) the internal network of the website must be consistent. If the template of each channel is inconsistent, the complexity of maintenance will be increased.(6) must be consistent in construction and maintenance. If the template of each channel is inconsistent, there will be more complicated maintenance procedures.(7) the construction and maintenance must be carried out by professionals.

What are the determinants of a company's website design?

Website design is the core of website display. Therefore, it is self-evident to design a company website for enterprises. A unique and appropriate website design is able to attract the attention of Internet users and create the most important and basic batch traffic. Therefore, it is also necessary and important for enterprises to spend time, energy and money in website design. So, what kind of website design can bring maximum benefits to enterprises? What are the factors contributing to the success of a company website?One, the collocation of the layout of the websiteIf you pay attention at ordinary times, you should pay attention to most of the website design color matching, many times will not use all colors to design, the general time control in the three colors, show to highlight the color of the company, show style color. The background of the website and the comparison of the previous article should be as large as possible (do not use some complicated and difficult patterns directly as the background), so it is convenient to highlight the main content of the company's text. As in the past, most of China's corporate website designs like animations, which are too practical.Two. Enrich the content and layout of the home pageGenerally speaking, the design of a company's website is one of the most important and key pages in the construction of the enterprise. It can be directly linked to the customer's follow-up browsing on this website. Sometimes users find that there are two key problems in Chinese website design:1, the design of the homepage is too gorgeous, causing users to not know what they want.2, the enterprise website design column is too unified, most are about us, product display, company news and so on, in fact, this is a wrong way of thinking, when the enterprise design home page, should highlight the main product is enough, there is no need to copy.Three, website design details, elements as possible as possibleDesign a company website of the most of the details of the web site, such as the post processing of pictures, pages related fonts, programs, and other ways of contact in China can be used, but to foreign websites are not allowed to hang these. When we design the website, we must also notice that it will cause huge losses to our customers because of their website design.Four. The design is perfect, which is beneficial to the operation and useDesign a company website, which mainly refers to the front page of the enterprise website design, to be as simple as possible, at the same time with the function of user needs, so that it can improve the speed of browsing, and can also make users more convenient to find what they want. At the same time, enterprise website design must also consider the access speed accordingly, so as not to be abandoned by customers.

A comprehensive company the method of website design promotion

In the Internet age, the enterprise website design seems to be a trend, all companies in blind follow suit construction sites, after but regardless, don't know how to play the biggest role website.After the company website construction, is not just idle no matter, it also needs to elaborate maintenance, updating, and promotion, to make the website more potential users see, increasing traffic is the basis of the company sales conversion.So, what about the company's website design and promotion?First, keyword research and analysisThe company's website design promotion determines what is available on the page, determines which words a potential audience might use to search the company's web page, and creates keywords based on those words.Apply these keywords to the appropriate page (the recommended number is 3 to 5 keywords per page).Before doing anything, use the keyword tool to conduct a wide survey to see which keywords/words apply to the company's website.What keywords do direct competitors use on the company's website?Are there any undiscovered keywords with market potential?Might it open up a whole new situation?Second, domain name selection schemeThe keyword of website construction determines the choice of domain name, which reflects the weight of keyword domain name of website.If you want the company name to be a brand, choose a domain name that accurately reflects the company name.This is important for users to remember the site or to quickly enter the site twice.Third, high quality original articlesWhen the company website design promotion optimizes the inside page, the keyword distribution is reasonable, optimizes the inside page article the flow rate to compare the duplicate hundreds of articles.The smaller the KB of the page, the better.-- especially the home page.Therefore, we need to optimize the images in the original article to speed up page loading.If a company's website loads slowly, it may lose visitors before they visit it.Fourth, external website optimization and promotion brought trafficSome publicity in the early stages still requires an unknown website.We can go to some famous BBS, blog, classifieds site for some promotion, as long as you work hard, traffic will certainly come, plus high quality class, you can keep visitors.In addition, whether the website traffic is stable enough is related to the novelty of the website as well as whether the promotion is in place.A dynamic website must be constantly updated to ensure its healthy development.Many websites have no questions, no optimization, no promotion, no traffic after they set up their websites.Healthy websites must ensure that advanced technologies and content are constantly updated.It must have a unique function to attract customers' attention, and the theme should be novel so that the site can be optimized and promoted to be invincible.Here are eight ways to build external links for company website developers:Method 1. Third-party blog platformBlog links are the most common way for everyone.This is a third-party blogging platform.However, since the search engine has now given much less weight to off-link blogs, if you want to leave the chain via blogs, you must first increase the weight of your blog, the effect will be obvious.At the beginning of the blog, we didn't need to bring links.We can increase the time for a while, maintain a good update frequency, wait a month or two for the weight of the blog, and then send the link.Not too many links.Sina, baidu space, sohu, the end of the world, netease, and news, enterprise blog is a relatively good third-party blog platform.From the effect of my own blog, baidu including baidu space and sina blog better than other platforms.Baidu space is basically the second.Method 2. Exchange linksThe company's website design and promotion of friendship link communication here two points to note: website relevance and high quality website.If you are a webmaster's website, you can find a website to exchange friends with the webmaster.For example, A5 is a good link object.Don't look for websites that sell down coats in exchange.It is invalid and must be relevant to your website.At the same time, the high quality and weight of the friendship chain is also the important basis for selecting the exchange objects.Method 3, BBS and signature postI believe every webmaster knows how to use BBS signatures to make external links.We have to look at BBS when we choose BBS."The relevance of the site is low, the weight of the site is low, the popularity of BBS is low, and daily posts are high.Not many, not many pages."Because only in BBS with these points will the search engine see the signed post as the most effective external link.Some people think I have a lot of themes to release, so you can grab more sofas.As long as our posts are not advertising content, the posts are generally not deleted, so external links in BBS can also be viewed as relatively persistent and stable links.Method 4. Soft text publishing with linksThe promotion of soft text has become the most effective method of company website construction and promotion recognized by the webmaster.We can publish soft papers to some large industry websites and news websites.When reprinting the article, we add an external link.The soft text outside the chain is also a mutually beneficial cooperation model.Through soft text, the industry website gets original content, the weight increases, the website administrator also obtains the external link, and the traffic popularization increases.Method 5. Confidential information submissionThe site has many confidential information sites, high weight.The classified information website is mainly to add enterprise information and product and service information outside the chain, which is relatively easy to realize and the recording effect is very good!Information posted on confidential information websites is best chosen for matching content, so it is not easy to delete.To carry out external links through confidential information websites, it is necessary to collect and sort out some confidential information websites that can send links, because some platforms cannot keep the link address.Method 6. Network collectionWeb choice is an online bookmark that we can submit to a collection site and an online RSS reading site.For example, baidu collection, yahoo collection, Sinavivi, Google bookmarks, digging, QQ bookmarks, catching shrimp, fresh fruit, etc. are all good resources.The network extracts scattered information resources from the network for purposeful aggregation and then displays them.Users who use them can bring good traffic to your site and are a good way to build external links.Method 7. Question and answer platformThe question and answer platform of company website construction and promotion is also a good external link method.Some of the better q&a platforms are mainly baidu.Search and search, sina and yahoo's knowledge hall, among others, have many industry-based q&a platforms.Let baidu know that when you do the above link day not too many, and do not directly use the home page link.Instead, note the use of links to internal pages.Link does not take casually, lest the domain name enter baidu blacklist, resulting in a period of time can not bring links.You should think from the questioner's point of view, from the point of view of helping others, and finally, you can leave your URL in the resources, which is easy to pass through.Method 8. Pay for the purchase linkPaying for links is easy and optimizing your site is good.There is a saying that money can solve the problem is not a big problem.The consideration of purchasing links depends on the quality of the content of other websites, the number of exported links, and whether the linked websites are regular.However, the stability of the purchase link is not good, and this must be clearly considered.The construction of external links has become a topic frequently discussed in SEO optimization of websites.By constructing external links, we can improve the ranking of key words on the website and enhance the weight of the website.This is an indispensable step in website optimization and promotion.

Analysis of elements of response website design

Nowadays, response website design has already become the marking technology of web design, and the design of response website is popular whether it is for different equipment needs or user needs, because it can bring good experience to users. However, before making a website, the key points and layout types of the response website design also need to be carefully considered to maximize the advantages of the website.The main points of the response website design:1, in the process of response website design, some people will use a lot of picture information to influence the loading speed of the web page, and also affect the layout of the whole web page. Therefore, when designing the web page, we should pay special attention to the website and do not use LAG. A large amount of picture information will affect search engines, which will lead to incomprehensible search engines. Of course, in the design, if the appropriate reference picture to write, will give users a very comfortable feeling, will also attract MO. Revisit the user.2, when users browse the web, the designer can't determine the user browser software, but can not strictly specify the user browser software, make the enterprise website, in addition, it should be suitable for the support of multi terminal devices, and the potential customers can not be lost because of different interface devices. Therefore, it is particularly important for Web pages to perform compatibility testing and multi terminal device testing in different browsers.3, in response web design web design, do not use too many different color matching programs, so it is easy to cause the user's vision is very messy, always feel that they are not the same website. In this case, many users will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, then choose to close the website and leave. When designing web pages, make enterprise website, keep the style of page layout consistent.4, navigation is the guidance of web pages, which enables users to quickly find the needs of web pages. In the process of making responsive websites, you should consider that your website should have a text link. This link is structured and hierarchical. In order to ensure that each page can access the home page of the site and create an enterprise website, links can also allow users to jump from one page to another, nested without confusion.In order to make the layout of the response website not confused, the layout layout of the response web site is divided into several kinds. In view of the actual needs of the website, different layout types can be selected for website design, and several common layout types are discussed below.The type of layout of the responsive web site:1, flexible switching fixed pattern layout. This type of response design is to adjust the width of the page flexibly according to the current mainstream variety of equipment size, to form a number of page layout design, and to select the best layout size by the test effect of the device screen size. This type of response website design cost is low, but there are also defects. After all, with the continuous development of network technology, there will be more mainstream equipment, and the website can not adapt to the ever-changing equipment, resulting in the later need to change the trouble.2, a layout with an elastic effect. This type of layout design is more flexible than the first one, mainly by setting up a certain range of adaptive dimensions through the percentage debugging of pixels, then the builder can set the size according to the equipment that needs to be adapted, and the web site can be guaranteed not to be eliminated by the evolution of the equipment in a long time. . But this layout also has its shortcomings. It is usually more suitable for the design of equal structure or column page, and other uses are more complicated and tedious.3, it is the layout of the mixed mode. In addition to having the above two types of layout advantages, the hybrid model's response layout can achieve a more smooth display effect, including the blending of pixels and the percentage mix more adaptable. It can make use of the site space resources perfectly and present the web site to the user. For example, a responsive website with a more complicated page layout will adopt this layout type, but its development cost is high.