How to choose the profit model for website design and development

Website design after all is to be profitable, but how to profit, the choice of what kind of profit model, how to more efficient profit is placed in front of many problems, these problems are not in the site after consideration, but at the beginning of the site should be studied carefully. If a website wants to make profits, it first asks whether it can create value for users. If we create value for customers, we have better profit basis, so that we can get the recognition of users. So how to choose the profit model before the development of the website?The profit models of website development are mainly in the following categories: advertising, service function charges, e-commerce, mobile value-added services, information content charges, paid games, education consulting, SNS community and so on.1, online community and friendsNetEase, Sohu, Sina, Yahoo China and other portals have their own community dating column, the main profit pattern is their membership fees to VIP members, and to provide more high-quality, special services to VIP members, and the like Chinese dating center specializing in online dating sites, they can also through the organization line activities way to achieve the purpose of profit from membership fees to VIP members.2. Advertising positionAdvertising is almost the survival of the portal and most of the web sites. Different websites can attract different advertisers according to the characteristics of their own audience.3, the mobile value-added service of mobile value-added services such as SMS, download. The main beneficiaries are the portals, the entertainment sites and the ISP that specializes in providing content services for short messages.4, service function chargeSuch fees apply to portals and professional consulting websites. The main charges include e-mail, home page space, renting service, content customization, professional consultation, online business and so on.5, e-commerce is mainly B2C (B, C, C2C, B2B). B2B mainly sells membership fees, C2C mainly charges transaction intermediary fees, B2C can directly collect corresponding profits.6, information content chargeThere are mainly three ways of charging information content: news and information content is packaged to sell to other websites or media; users can pay to browse websites; users pay for database query.7, Witkey websites such as micro-blog world, micro power and other micro-blog marketing platforms all belong to a relatively new mode. They collect the amount of the tender amount to the tenderee (unit or individual) as the revenue of the website. But sometimes it feels like it can come back to B2C or C2C.8, pay gameApart from Shanda and other professional game companies, NetEase, Sohu, Sina and other portals have launched their own online game products. Even Kingsoft Corp, who has been committed to the development of domestic software, has launched various online game products. The income of online games has become one of the important sources of the income of these network companies.9, online consultation and educationAll kinds of remote education website and all belong to this school. Since the profit model is a kind of model, the operation process and means are extremely critical, which is more important than the content of the charge and the development of the website. The profit of the website is affected by many aspects, and the most important thing is the traffic. If the site to long-term sustained profitability, must be aware of their website if there is continuous flow and users, so this and your promotion will have a great relationship, if you mostly rely on SEO to flow, eat by the search engine, then the risk is very big, because the key word ranking if falling, then the income will obviously affected.

How to optimize the website design URL

Website design URL how to optimize the best? Website URL is very important for website optimization, but it is also the most easily overlooked. It collects the website URL optimization suggestions, and share it with you.One, how best is the web site URL optimized? URL optimizationThe shorter the better, the better the 1.URLThis is mainly to facilitate the memory of the user, especially the domain name, must be streamlined, with connotation. For a search engine, URL will not affect the collection as long as it does not exceed 1000 letters. And a survey experiment found that the short URL click rate is about 2.5 times higher than the long address. Moreover, short URL is also beneficial to replication and propagation.2. avoid too many parametersAs far as possible, try to use static URL as much as possible. If it is technically impossible to implement, then use dynamic URL to minimize the parameters. Too many parameters, the user is not looking good, and the search engine will also have a certain impact.The 3. directory is as low as possibleThe level of directory here refers to the physical directory structure. Of course, there is a great relationship between the physical directory hierarchy and the web site classification structure. There are many categories of catalogues and the number of catalogues must be increased. In static URL, try to use fewer directory levels, because Baidu is more likely to include pages with fewer directory levels. Of course, you can't put all pages in the root directory. In that case, it will appear the directory of the website is very untidy, so that search engine can not find which column is under what column, and it is not convenient to manage.The 4. file and the name of the directory are descriptive.For website classification URL, directory should have a certain description, that is, when users see your URL link, you will probably know what it will be.5.URL contains key wordsIf the keyword appears in the URL, it can also improve a certain page relevance. In the ranking, there is a certain advantage. The more key words are, the better the better, so the keyword effect in the domain name is the best. But in the Chinese Web site, there is no Chinese character in URL, so we can use the keyword Pinyin, and it has some effect.6. letters are all lowercase1) all lowercase is convenient for manual input, and it will not be wrong because of the size and case2) some servers are case sensitive, such as the Linux server3) robots.txt is also a case sensitive, one letter problem, which may cause a real directory not to be included.Use of 7. conjunctionsIn directory or file name, it is generally recommended to use short horizontal line (-) separation, do not use underscore or other symbols and letters, because search engine URL short lines as spaces, and underlines are ignored.Does the 8. category use the form of the catalog or the use of the document form?Most of the CMS systems can be classified as the directory or file page setup form form, take the dedecms, the default file form index.html, then this directory has a list of pages and articles, which will lead to the list of the first page and the default index.html content of the same, that is to say the same page will have two different URL, this is not conducive to the collection. The stationmaster can choose one of them.9.URL URL normalizationURL normalization refers to the process by which search engines select the most appropriate URL as a truly (normalized) URL.Examples of common nonstandard URLs:With WWW and no www domain names, and whether or not a page with a index.html file name at the end, it causes the same page, and there are four different site addresses.Two. What are the reasons for the irregularities of the URLsThe 1.CMS system causes different URL links in the same article.2.URL statically sets the error, and there are more than one static URL in the same article.After 3.URL static, static and dynamic URL coexist, all have links, and can also be accessed.4. encrypted sites, http:// and https://.There is a port number in 5.URl.6. trace code.The 7. shows the content of the home page

How to use white space in the design of the website?

If you want to be an expert - level website design, then whiten is a basic concept to be mastered. Because it is such a subjective process, how do you achieve this? How to use white space in web design?1. Study the work of those who were before youThe first step is to review some websites and spend some time on other people's websites to study the white space on forums and blogs, which is what we usually call blank. Filter useful information from other people's examples. Learning site sites is the best and quickest way to train your eyes to recognize the white space of other page elements. Here are some of the white spaces of our favorite visual resources:2. You can use as many lines and prototypes as possible.A great start to exercise is to create multiple web sites or archetype. Whether you use numbers or pencils and paper to do this, you can take the time to design the layout of the site. If you are new to the wireframe or prototype, check the wireframe and prototype at any time to include a lot of skills, the ultimate guide and method of the example.3, refinement and high fidelity modelOnce you've created some of your favorite frameworks and prototypes, try a complete web site model design. This can be used in any graphic design program from the PS image processing software to the SketchApp (both can create a uxpin animation prototype) or GIMP.4. Never forget your usersFinally, it may be our most important point to make sure that you are absolutely aware of who you are designing for. If you don't know who you are designed for, it's not so important how you perform your design elements.The last piece of the puzzle is your way of thinking close to every web site project. Great designers have a lot of different choices and troubles, and it's not easy to find the right way of thinking. Keep a bold and adventurous attitude, and your creative work and project will be much easier. Before you break the rules, be sure to determine your rules. You have to create your website from a larger picture to a smaller detail. White space contains a core component of a whole, which means that it is one of the first considerations. But designers usually don't sit down and think about how to add spaces to a wire frame. Instead, they consider the page elements required for the layout. The appropriate blank values can only appear in the process of this exploration

How to use structured grid in custom website design?

Website design, the best print and digital designers are those who use the grid. In many cases, it may give up the grid, but you usually create high quality work if you learn the grid structure and make up the rules. Grid design is one of the most important components of the structure layout. A web site uses a grid to balance the text, image, and the elements of the whole page. How to use structured grid in custom website design?Although there are many free open source grid systems, you will often learn to create your own better. This article will cover the benefits of custom web design and how to create your own grid from scratch.1. Preliminary planningThis usually takes the form of a quick sketch. Some designers like digital work, while others prefer pencils and paper. There is no right or wrong way of saying that there is only the best way to do it. Stick to a method that allows you to quickly find the best fit for you.When you are sketching, you need to think about the whole composition. Design a grid that fits your content. Don't be afraid to move things around. Generally, the wireframe is used to record your original ideas. At this stage, there are no mistakes, only experiments. Find a way to organize grid structures, and to identify patterns by persistence and measurable space.2, early drafts of a notebookThis will be better to create your own grid, starting with a trusted grid system. This allows you to focus more on the content organization, rather than in a specific column / slot value. Use this notebook as the initial stage of the test field. Learn how to create repeatable patterns that allow users to learn what they expect when they browse the web.3, spacing modeSymmetric rhythm is an important part of the grid design, especially on the verbose vertical web site. The content should have a natural flow pattern to guide the visitors in the whole page. One way to find a natural rhythm is to study other websites. Measuring the distance between paragraphs, vertical space is the most important, but the level of space on the network also plays a role.4. Look at the grid layout site in real timeRemember, the template mode is relative to the following rules. The best designers rely on their grid as a compass. Sometimes breaking the grid is a good idea to help an element highlight the surrounding elements. When it comes to pattern recognition you need to create some similar duplicates. Look at the layout at the same time for the tourists, but don't be too rigid. I know it looks like a false comment, but with practice, you will learn when to follow the pattern and when to break them.5, grid design in practiceAs long as you feel comfortable with your method, it's not important to create a grid.  Once you've already solved a horizontal grid, it's a good idea to organize a vertical grid, also called a baseline. The function of the vertical grid is to organize printing to make it in a natural rhythm with other elements.When combined, you will have a powerful tool that can help you organize and adjust the layers to make them comfortable together. The best grids are not seen by the users, but their existence can be felt in all aspects of the design.6, transcendental structureAfter creating a grid, you need to learn how to use it for the content layout. It's clear that your skills will improve, but there are some typical rules that you should remember. Try to see beyond the grid structure and imagine how to combine the content together. Web design is specially designed for content and each layout should reflect this accordingly.

Website design, how to build a high quality web site

The website design, the brand is the commercial purchase point, the special product is the food hot spot. For the development of the website, high quality is the information of value. Do a website is easy, we only need to do a few simple pages, and these pages are combined, so a simple website would be finished, but want to do a high quality website is not so easy, what is the high quality of the site, the high quality of the website not only to the customer site experience is good, but also helpful in the search engine optimization. How to build a high quality website?Information or services that provide commitmentSome publishers make a website that seems to be able to provide some kind of product or service, but it is actually just to enticing users to browse a number of web pages and watch ads. This will bring a negative user experience, causing the user to view your website as an untrusted web site. Please use the appropriate keywords that are related to the content of the website to ensure that users can easily browse the website and find the products, goods, or services that are promised.Do not make a number of web pages or websites that contain duplicate contentWe suggest that you make high quality websites, not the number of simple sites. We should concentrate our efforts on a website to create an information rich and credible website, which not only enables users to benefit from it, but also helps you win more customers. When users browse online, they always want to find the content they want quickly and easily, instead of looking for it in the web pages or sub domains or websites that they are content to find. If some of your web pages or websites have similar content or template design, consider merging these web pages or websites into one.Provide content to attract users to access and return to your websiteDo you have to ask yourself when you make the content of your website, is it worth a web page compared to other websites that are similar to the subject? Can you provide important services? Create original content that can make your website stand out from other websites, so that you can provide useful search results, attract visitors to visit again, and ultimately benefit you. Web site planning directly determines whether the site is successful. The lack of overall planning of the website construction is difficult to achieve the desired goal. The good and bad website planning is an important factor to distinguish the level and specialization of the website construction company. In a professional building process, website planning is an important and indispensable link. A high quality website planning, in addition to the need to build the company's professional knowledge and rich experience, but also needs the active cooperation of customers. Website development companies interact with customers, set goals for the website, communicate effectively, and run this goal into every participant's thoughts, and integrate them into the work of everyone. Only in this way can we ensure the success of the construction, implementation and operation of the website. To ensure the success of every website, it insists on the most intimate planning for each customer with his professional spirit and high enthusiasm.