How to make website design user interface interaction better?

Website design requires solving problems every day. Finding the right solutions requires in-depth research and careful planning and testing. It would be great if we could find an omnipotent method or a secret recipe that could automatically solve all our work problems. We may not have the answer yet, but we do know some shortcuts that we can sometimes take.Heuristics are simple and effective rules that help us form judgement and decision making. We can see it as a conventional rule that involves the best implementation of interface design. These rules have their application scenarios and are not alternatives to usability testing.Striving for consistencyDesigning consistent interfaces means using similar design patterns and the same order of operation to handle similar situations. This is not limited to using appropriate colors, typesetting, fonts, etc. in the important areas of the prompts screen when your users browse your product. Remember: a consistent interface will make it easier for your users to accomplish their tasks and goals.Like Taobao's homepage, from the consistency of the icon, we will see that the color and style of the icon are consistent. The consistency of copywriting may be simply invisible to a single page. In terms of color, Taobao uses orange as a whole, mostly orange. Font, you can see that the font is unified, only through bold amplification to reflect the font difference.Allow high frequency users to use shortcut keysSpeaking of using shortcut operations as an interface design rule, your users will benefit from the shortcut keys, especially the same tasks that the high frequency users need to do regularly.Core high frequency users may find the following characteristics helpful:AbbreviationFunctional keysHidden commandsMacro command settingProvide clear feedbackYou need to let your users know what happens at each stage of their operation. This feedback needs to be meaningful, relevant, clear and contextual.A more friendly and important interaction design principle for user interface of Web DesignDesign dialog boxes to produce feedback messagesLet me explain, a series of actions need to have a beginning, middle and end hints. Once the task is completed, by providing a clear information feedback and choice for the user, provide a moderated process to your users, and do not allow them to distract and doubt too much in the course of the task.Providing error handling hintsA friendly website design interface should avoid mistakes as much as possible. But when errors occur, your system needs to make it easier for users to understand problems and know how to solve them. Simple ways to handle errors include displaying clear error notification and displaying descriptive prompts for solving problems.Some large web site login boxes provide scientific and reasonable presentation information. When the user's operation is wrong or is not required to operate, the prompt area will appear clear prompt information to guide the user to correct.Allow simple return / revocation operationsFinding an undo option after an error is an immediate relief. If your users know that there is a quick way to withdraw the wrong operation, they will feel more relaxed and more likely to feel free to explore and choose. This rule can be applied to any operation, operation group or data entry. The return / withdraw operation can be done from a simple button to a collection area involving the whole operation history.Users should control the right to controlFirst of all, let's look at a definition: in personality psychology, locus of control is the degree that people think they can control the outcome of an event -- Julian Rotter. It is very important to give control and freedom to users, so that they can feel that they are the masters of the system. Avoid accidents, interruptions or anything that is not prompted by the user. Users should be the initiator of the operation, not the responder.Lighten the memory burden of usersOur attention span is limited. Everything we can do should try to make our users work easier. Users are more likely to identify information rather than memorize information. If our interface is designed succinctly and consistently, following patterns, standards and practices, we have made contributions to better identification and ease of use.We can add several specific functions to help our users in specific scenarios, depending on their goals. For example, in an e-commerce environment, view the list of items recently visited or purchased.epilogueAlthough you may be half suspicious about how often you should make a heuristic based decision, following a set of rules and guidelines will make you move in the right direction and allow you to find the main usability problems early in the design process. These eight rules apply to most user interface design tasks.You can also use the above principles as an inspiration to create your own elicitation based project, or to combine the ongoing projects to improve your design.

Website design company must be met of conditions

With the rapid development of the Internet age, website design has become a trend and essential condition. The website can be used not only as a platform for information publicity, but also as a pluralistic flow of traffic. It not only broadens the business market, sets up enterprise formation, but also helps enterprises to explore. More potential customers. This is also the main reason why many companies or individuals are committed to web site construction. So, what conditions do companies need to meet when they build websites for enterprises and individuals?First, the function is diverse and the use is convenientThe basic purpose of the website to attract users is not only in several respects: expanding the popularity and attractiveness of the website, transforming the potential customers into actual customers, and developing the existing customers as loyal customers. It is very important to provide a multi-functional Humanized Interface for users and to keep this function easy to use. In the end, users use a kind of service - no matter in the network network - the most important is convenience. It includes convenient navigation system, necessary help information, FAQ, simple user registration procedures and so on.Two. The content of the website is not richWeb site design companies consider the site as a media, the most important to the user or the content of the site, no one will go back and forth on a web site, like no one will see the same new newspaper two times.Although a lot of text has reduced the visual effects of web pages, it seems a bit dull, but according to a recent Canadian survey of "what Internet users see", Internet users 92% of the Internet use time to read text information.Three. Protection of personal informationNowadays, personalized service is very popular. Many websites require users to register as members first. What is the purpose of collecting users' data? How to make use of the user's personal information? Do you sell user information to other agencies? Will you use personal information to send a lot of advertising mail to users? Does the user have the right to choose this? Is the personal information filled out safe? Is it possible to get the necessary return? These are issues of concern to the users, and if the site does not have a clear description and commitment, such a website clearly lacks the necessary business ethics, or at least not to be regarded as not respectful to the users.Four. The quality of the website is excellentIncorrect links on Web pages are often one of the main factors that people complain about websites. We can often see "the web page has been deleted or cannot be displayed", "File not found" and other feedback information caused by invalid links, this situation is often unbearable, but also seriously affected the user's confidence in the website. If the website can provide 400 free service telephone and call center and other contact methods, we believe that the company can not only reflect the strength of the company, but also fully reflect the good customer service.Five, page download speedAccording to the research, it is found that the speed of page download is the key factor for web site to keep visitors. If 10 - 20 seconds can not open a web page, the average person will have no patience. If you can't keep every page at a faster download speed, you should at least ensure that the speed of the home page is as fast as possible. In the current situation, the main way to keep the download speed of the page is to make the page simple, only to arrange the most important information on the front page, and try to avoid the use of a large number of pictures.

Introduction to the main principles of enterprise web design

Web design business model design now seems more and more important, a web site for enterprise to bring more and more be enterprise value, the value of the website is the enterprise to provide information to users, Internet users, including a way of products and services, is the enterprise develop e-commerce infrastructure and information platform, leave the site to talk about e-commerce is impossible.The enterprise website is called "network trademark", and it is also a part of intangible assets of enterprises, and the website is an important window to publicize and reflect corporate image and culture on the Internet.Therefore, it is very important to make the website of enterprises now, and it is important to take care of some important principles when making the website.1. Clearly establish business website objectives and user needs.Web site design is to show enterprise image, introduce products and services, enterprise development strategy important way, so you must clear the purpose of the site design and user needs, so as to make the feasible design plan.It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive analysis based on consumer demand, market conditions and the situation of the enterprise, and keep in mind that "customer" is the center rather than "art" as the center for design planning.At the beginning of the design planning, also consider: what is the purpose of the website?Who provides services and products?What kind of products and services can an enterprise offer?What are the characteristics of consumers and audiences?What are the appropriate forms of enterprise products and services?2. The theme of the overall design plan is clear.On the basis of a clear goal, the design idea of the website is the overall design plan.Positioning the overall style and characteristics of the website, planning the organization structure of the website.A Web site should have different forms for different types of service objects (organizations or people).Some sites only provide concise text information;Some of the site's homepage designs are multimedia presentations that offer flashy graphics, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even audio and video clips.Excellent Web sites combine graphical representations with effective organization and communication.To make the theme clear, the main point is clear, with simple and clear language and pictures to reflect the site theme.Mobilizing all means to fully express the website's personality and interest, to run the website characteristics.The Web site homepage should have basic ingredients including: header: accurately identify your site and enterprise logo;Email address: to receive user inquiries;Contact information: such as ordinary mail address or telephone;Copyright information: declare copyright owner, etc.Be careful to reuse existing information.Such as customer manuals, public relations documents, technical manuals, and databases can be easily used in enterprise Web sites.3. Commercial website layout design.Corporate websites web design in the making, as a kind of visual language, should pay attention to format and layout, although the home page design is not the same as the plane design but they have many similar place, should make full use and reference.Layout design through the space combination of the text, expressed harmony and beauty.A good web designer should also know where the text should be and where it should be, and the e-commerce site can make the entire page glow.The layout design of the multi-page site page requires that the organic contact between the pages be reflected, especially the relationship between the page and the order and content within the page.In order to achieve the best visual performance, we should pay attention to the rationality of the overall layout, so that the visitors can have a smooth visual experience.The role of color in web design.Color is one of the elements of artistic expression.In the web design, according to the principle of harmony, balance and emphasis, different colors are combined to form a beautiful page.According to the influence of color on people's psychology, rational use.In the process of color application, one should also pay attention to a problem: because of the country and race.The difference between religion and faith, and the geography of life.The differences in cultural accomplishment vary widely among different groups of people.The background and composition of the main readership should be considered in the design.5. The form and content of web pages are unified.To organize the rich meaning and diverse forms into a unified page structure, the formal language must conform to the content of the page and embody the rich meaning of the content.Use the contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhyme, and white space, through the space, the relationship between text and graphics to establish the overall state of equilibrium, professional website production created a harmonious aesthetic feeling.Such as symmetry principle in the design of the page, the equilibrium of it sometimes makes the page is dull, but if add some sporty text, pattern, or use exaggeration to express the contents tend to achieve better effect.Point, line, face as the basic elements in visual language, use point, line, surface intersperse, complement each other, complement to form the best page effect.The use of points, lines and faces in web design is not isolated, and many times they need to be combined to express the perfect artistic conception.Vi. The composition and virtual reality of three-dimensional space.The three-dimensional space on the network is an imaginary space, and the spatial relation needs to be changed by means of movement.The spatial factors such as the proportion of images are shown.In the page, the image, the text position before and after the pressure, or the page position change produced visual effects are all different.Overlying of dimensional administrative levels before and after pictures, text, it is rare, the Internet is more of some design specification, concise page, the overlying arrangement can produce strong rhythm of dimensional administrative levels, visual effect is strong.

Enterprise website design What risks need to avoid?

The website design is the bridge connecting the Internet to the enterprise. The main reason for the construction of the website is to promote the brand and shape the enterprise image, and to adapt to the new market competition environment, and obtain the flow resources. But enterprises want to build a website, which is not done at random, but needs a purpose and direction to carry out the work of building stations. At the same time, we should avoid unnecessary mistakes when we build our stations. First, website information is not updated in a timely manner or is not updated for a long time.The phenomenon that website information is not updated mostly appears on every small website, which is basically a common problem of every small website. The website of this small business has been released for many years, but it still has its initial appearance. It has not been updated for a long time. What's more, the contact mode has been changed, but the contact mode on the interface is still not updated, so that even if a customer wants to contact the company, it loses a lot of customers. Those customers have gone to the enterprises that you are competing for. In fact, the information volume of such a small business is not large. Updating is relatively simple, so we must update it in a certain period. In particular, the product problem of the enterprise must be attached with pictures and detailed instructions to let the customers know the use of these products at a glance, and then choose and buy them.Two, service is single, unable to interact with customers.Many enterprises do not manage to build the station, in the design of the time also did not do the purpose of the design of the column, so that no block to the customer, did not improve the user experience. In fact, the network construction of an enterprise, the main construction content is company introduction, product display, and contact customers, and enterprise recruitment information and a series of content. If we receive a message from a customer, we must respond promptly. You can't ignore customers and interact with customers.Three, the strength of the promotion is still a little smaller.The staff and staff of many enterprises do not know the website of their own enterprise website, some do not even know what the address of the website is, what is the website of their own enterprise do not know what to do. This phenomenon can only explain that the promotion of enterprises to websites is too small. The website of an enterprise must be printed on the company's business card and leaflet. Publish some related information, do not advocate the promotion of the website of your company, but be sure to announce the website of your company appropriately. Only by publicizing the website can the website get a better understanding and play the role of the website in the enterprise.Four, did not achieve the investment and related maintenance.Many enterprises did not invest in the corresponding manpower or financial resources after the establishment of the station. This phenomenon is still in the middle and small enterprises, they have not invested too much financial resources on the enterprise website, but after the construction of the website, it is possible to invest in one or two professional maintenance personnel. The work arranged for them is the maintenance of the website or the service of customer service. If there are any technical problems, it can be reported to the company, and then the professional technicians carry out the maintenance of the network. Network maintenance personnel should focus their energies on the website, mainly for recruiting potential customers on the Internet. All enterprises should know that building websites is not just a display, but also put into use, which will bring certain income to the company.These problems are found after the establishment of the enterprise, since the website must make use of the website, through these websites to bring some financial revenue to their own enterprises. The website design is successful, but the website that does not represent is used successfully. After the successful use of a website, it can improve the reputation of the company and bring some benefits to the company.

The most comprehensive website design matters needing attention

Nowadays, website design is a bridge for enterprises to connect to the Internet. Almost every business has its own website. The enterprise website design is not very difficult, but for a novice stationmaster is still more troublesome, because the need to pay attention to a lot of matters, at the same time the development of the website also involves some professional knowledge, if the developer does not master these knowledge, then this process can not be carried on normally. What matters do you need to pay attention to in website development? Combined with many years of website development experience, I have organized the following most comprehensive and important points.1., webpage independent development or template based website is quite common now. It's very bad for search engines.2. virtual space to brand the most important is to pick a regular space business to buy, a lot of small space merchants, are their own rent host trusteeship, and then divided space to the user, although cheap, but often problems, or the host is unstable, or often dead, or poor security, or poor service attitude. We need to support multiple components, support multiuser concurrency, and speed. The host is generally a host of hosts to share broadband. At this point, you have to notice that if you want to access a high amount of data, you have to buy exclusive and not share it.3., the planning and research before the website design. According to the purpose of the website visitors, we should draw up the theme that the website should focus on. The theme of website planning is the cornerstone and core of the whole website planning, and the basic criterion of website planning.4. customer experience first, the page imagination refurbished, refreshing attention to the website structure and layout design, web structure and layout of the design of good, pleasing to the eye, convenient for customer recognition and memory. And the core technology of programs is very important. Others can't steal them, so it's also safe.5., the updated content and form of form and content will bring real visits to the website. But website renewal needs to pay attention to efficiency: daily update as much as possible, quantity index, content specialization and news information aging.6., clear objectives, precise positioning, what kind of visitors? What do you do on the website? What is the core of the website? What is the service that can be provided? What is the model point of profit? In view of the psychological marketing design of potential customers, the creation of a product, brand or enterprise in the target customer's image or certain personality characteristics, to retain a profound impression and unique position.The 7. themes are bright and distinctive, and the themes are distinct. They strive to be concise and clear, with a simple and clear language and picture to tell the theme of this site, to attract the people who have the demand for this site, and to impress the unrelated people. For some industry signs and company logo, we should make full use of them. We should mobilize all means to fully display the personality and interest of the website, highlight individuality and create the characteristics of the website.8., layout layout and layout are reasonable. Layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the combination of text and graphics. The layout design is trained through the rational analysis of visual elements and the training of strict form, so as to cultivate the grasp and aesthetic ability of the overall picture. We must strive for the overall layout to be rationalized, orderly and integrated. Excellent works are good at ingenious and rational way of thinking, so that some languages can not express the idea to be elaborated, so that they can be varied, concise and clear. In order to achieve the best visual performance, we should pay attention to the rationality of the overall layout. Especially for closely related contextual pages, there must be buttons designed to move forward and backward, which is convenient for visitors to read carefully.9., form content is harmonious and unified, form serves content, content serves for purpose, and form and content unification is one of the basic principles of designing webpage.10., professional backstage management should be easy to maintain, easy to statistics, ensure smooth access, analyze the content and quality of website's domain, update website's pictures and articles.11., is every link new window or direct jump? For every hyperlink click, we need to take seriously if we use new open window or direct jump. If a user clicks on a link, he will abandon the current page and start a new experience, then apply the direct jump. If users click link, we need to know more information, but the information of the current page is still useful, so we should open new windows.12. the help system that provides help information or button improvement in the place where the customer needs help is a product. It is an important factor for the success of the website to find information and solve problems and improve the user experience.