What are the main items included in the website design service?

Website design, in the current network high-speed operation and development of the era, now basically all things need to rely on the network, whether it is individual or enterprise, can not be separated from the website. Website has become an indispensable part of our life. Many website design companies, in order to attract more customers, provide customer building services from a single side to many aspects, and more is to package a dragon style service model to meet the needs of all aspects of the customer. So what are the main web site design services?

website design services

First, website planning is the beginning of website design.

Customers can find products and services, so why do visitors need to go online? Obviously, users want to find products and services beyond expectations. The problem of the planning of the website design service is to start from the visitor's cognition, the visitor's trust, and the transformation of the visitor's transaction. He asks the planner to have rich marketing knowledge, website content planning knowledge, consumer psychology and other comprehensive qualities, in order to create a high quality website. What is planning in the end? It is the idea and idea of website production that can not be duplicated and unique.

Two, the domain name and server purchase of the website and its ICP filing.

How to choose the domain name in the website design service? How to buy a server? It may also be a problem for enterprises who do not know website design. For example, use a Chinese domain name, such as the purchase of a 50G super large space server, however, we will tell you that the Chinese domain name is not suitable for promotion, in fact, your space is not so large. We will have more actual operation of enterprises and choose high-quality and inexpensive domain names and servers. For the website archival filing, this kind of matter is handed over to us to handle it free of charge for you.

Three. A systematic and perfect website design project

If there are no special requirements in the website design service, our website design is a backstage, two website users, and the mobile site +PC website; in special cases, such as the response website, there is no mobile terminal. If the enterprise has special needs, such as the need to consider the optimization of the website, then you can do a MIP website design to your website, so that the site can be better included.

Four, post website maintenance and promotion guidance and consultation

Website design service website maintenance refers to the website company's after-sales service to the enterprise website, such as web site exception, website bug processing, website security reinforcement and so on. At the same time, for the network promotion such as SEM and SEO, such as problems or difficult to solve, our company can also provide you with free technical guidance and support to help enterprises to make better marketing results.