After the official website design how should I maintain it?

Website design, enterprise design official website is easy, but really can let users remember, really bring benefits to enterprises, but not many customers. Most of the websites are in common with the sand grains in the sea. They soon sink to the bottom of the sea and find no trace. However, the environment is so, the enterprise is not aware of what kind of official website to build better, and how to maintain the official website after the construction is better, is now a lot of business problems. Then how can we maintain official websites and bring benefits to enterprises? The following small editor will come to the detailed analysis and analysis.

Corporate website design

After the official website design, the content of the website needs to be updated in time to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information. The continuous updating of the information can attract visitors to visit the website many times. Old articles, news and other information should also be saved in the form of archives, so as to facilitate users to inquire. The content of the website changes at the same time to ensure the accuracy of the content of the information, in addition to the special text content to the outside, also to the web pages, pictures, page titles and so on to check, all of which need the management of e-commerce websites. All kinds of websites, including e-commerce sites, are countless. Then, how do they manage to manage their websites? How do they cope with a large number of daily updates and a large number of page styles? At the same time, it also puts forward various ways of website construction and management. Generally speaking, there are several official website construction management and maintenance modes.

1. completely handmade. Early management and maintenance of e-commerce websites adopt this mode, that is, copy and paste methods to update content. The characteristic is that workload is directly proportional to content, link is fixed, but it is difficult to change.

2. semi automatic. The work process is exactly the same as that of the manual method, but the template technology is used to perform part copy and paste work with the program, and the content is generally stored in the file format. We can see that there are templates in FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

This function helps users set a good background color, a series of fonts and CSS settings, and one of the most important functions is to help users complete the classification of the document and the association up and down, and to automatically generate the corresponding links on the final web page. In this way, users can simply drop in articles, the format of links and articles and the overall mode will be exactly the same.

If you change the template, the entire website will change to the corresponding template style. This way, uploading the generated page files to the Web server can change the entire site quickly. This official website construction and management mode is very convenient to operate, but there are the following problems:

(1) only one or more three people can manage website content.

(2) almost all uploads need to be transmitted all the time.

(3) using existing templates can be very convenient, but it is difficult to expand a variety of templates.

(4) the number of web pages within the website is not too much.

(5) the internal network of the website must be consistent. If the template of each channel is inconsistent, the complexity of maintenance will be increased.

(6) must be consistent in construction and maintenance. If the template of each channel is inconsistent, there will be more complicated maintenance procedures.

(7) the construction and maintenance must be carried out by professionals.