What are the determinants of a company's website design?

Website design is the core of website display. Therefore, it is self-evident to design a company website for enterprises. A unique and appropriate website design is able to attract the attention of Internet users and create the most important and basic batch traffic. Therefore, it is also necessary and important for enterprises to spend time, energy and money in website design. So, what kind of website design can bring maximum benefits to enterprises? What are the factors contributing to the success of a company website?

Website design

One, the collocation of the layout of the website

If you pay attention at ordinary times, you should pay attention to most of the website design color matching, many times will not use all colors to design, the general time control in the three colors, show to highlight the color of the company, show style color. The background of the website and the comparison of the previous article should be as large as possible (do not use some complicated and difficult patterns directly as the background), so it is convenient to highlight the main content of the company's text. As in the past, most of China's corporate website designs like animations, which are too practical.

Two. Enrich the content and layout of the home page

Generally speaking, the design of a company's website is one of the most important and key pages in the construction of the enterprise. It can be directly linked to the customer's follow-up browsing on this website. Sometimes users find that there are two key problems in Chinese website design:

1, the design of the homepage is too gorgeous, causing users to not know what they want.

2, the enterprise website design column is too unified, most are about us, product display, company news and so on, in fact, this is a wrong way of thinking, when the enterprise design home page, should highlight the main product is enough, there is no need to copy.

Three, website design details, elements as possible as possible

Design a company website of the most of the details of the web site, such as the post processing of pictures, pages related fonts, programs, and other ways of contact in China can be used, but to foreign websites are not allowed to hang these. When we design the website, we must also notice that it will cause huge losses to our customers because of their website design.

Four. The design is perfect, which is beneficial to the operation and use

Design a company website, which mainly refers to the front page of the enterprise website design, to be as simple as possible, at the same time with the function of user needs, so that it can improve the speed of browsing, and can also make users more convenient to find what they want. At the same time, enterprise website design must also consider the access speed accordingly, so as not to be abandoned by customers.