Website design: the real transportation site we how to do?

Website design can get to a customer from the Internet, which means we can get more customers. The users you want to get on the network are so diverse, sometimes not just relying on our web site. From the now popular media, short videos, WeChat marketing and so on, all are the same purposes, helping and marketing their businesses to get more attention. Do you have such a concept or energy to do this, or whether you have a blueprint for the development of a business. Planning and implementation, execution is the most critical. We have a lot of ideas and thoughts, but often in the implementation before they die.

SEO optimization

From the development of the website now, there are more industries in the same industry, and there are only 15 pages per page in search engine, including 5 advertisements, while the rest of the natural ones occupy the remaining 10. I believe that many companies want to occupy the first page. There are more opportunities to get user information and more users to see their own business.

The site as an example, now enterprises should not advertise, or do SEO optimization, the 2 straight road, no other alternative, perhaps your website is done very early, can firmly occupy a strong position, but for the new station, if you do not do what, your site may be several there are few months or years flow. It's not shocking, it's the fact. User search usually focuses on the information of the first few pages. If he wants to find the content before, he will not spend the time to search the next page.

The new station has a period of probation, the search engine will enter the sandbox, if you often update the quality of the content, so the study period, may be able to get a good ranking, the ranking will not let your website at Summit home, and may be on page third or four or five pages are possible the. If you don't work to optimize your website for a long time, then search engine has no reason to improve your ranking.

The best way, in the new station, to update the quality of the original article, so that the search engine more included your web page. If there is no optimization in the new station, the difficulty of the later optimization will be greatly improved, because now the new station has better support treatment.

WeChat and the media are all channels of publicity for enterprises, and short video can be the channel of publicity for enterprise products. Multiple channels will certainly make your business better on the Internet.